Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bits N Bobs

Mu Uncle Bob has had a rocky week, what with a cardiac arrest not long after surgery, and more recently, a deep vein thrombosis. He will be starting radiotherapy and chemotherapy fairly soon, so a long and difficult path lies ahead of him.

Great Uncle Bob seems stable but no substantial improvement, which is a worry.

Mum is doing reasonably well, which is great, and our little family appears to have recovered from the epidemic of upset tummies which made life hideous for a full fifteen days!

It's definitely spring; walking Basil today, I noticed that the air was heavy with the subtle scent of magnolia, a very common tree in this area, and a delight for the eye as well as the nose :-) 
Cherry blossom is out, there are swathes of bluebells and daffodils everywhere, and many of the trees are growing leaves, including my loved apple and plum trees in my back garden. 
After ten days of lovely weather, which encouraged me to bring Speedy the tortoise out of hibernation, the weather has turned cold and wet, but the forecast is much better for the weekend.

Keeping you all in my daily prayers !
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Mimi said...

Prayers for Uncle Bob and Great Uncle Bob.

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy on your Uncle...

Athanasia said...

Spring always makes me feel hopeful.