Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Recently Read

Down Among The Dead Men was an absolutely fascinating if somewhat ghoulish insight into what goes on at a hospital mortuary, though I must admit that I could not stomach reading it whilst eating my lunch......I am glad I read it, but I don't think it would merit reading again. 

The Winter Of Our Disconnect is a very cleverly written book, outlining how the author and her teenaged children survived a whole winter (in Australia) without having electrical/electronic media in their home, interspersed with references to academic work showing what effects TV, iPod, games consoles and the like can have upon the socialisation and habits of children and adults alike. I really enjoyed it, even if I would have been given her fifteen year old son a right tongue-lashing if he had been a child of mine for saying "WTF" to me :-)
 Definitely one I will be buying, after borrowing it this time from the library.

Three Cups Of Tea was  heartbreakingly sad and incredibly inspiring in equal measure. I had never heard of it before, and it is one of the books which I am incredibly glad I have now managed to read. It paints a very vivid picture of life in the very remotest areas of Pakistan, and of Greg Mortenson's work to provide good schools for children in this harsh part of the world.

A Dying Light In Cordoba was an interesting read. I still find the author's Falco a very dry character to read, but the plots are clever and I have since managed to get a few more from the local charity shop, which I shall read in due course :-)

This book, The Sign Of The Cross,  is no better a read the second time round.

 How on earth someone can claim to be writing a book about travelling in Catholic Europe when his ignorance (as a disaffected Catholic) extends so far as to wonder whether Protestants use incense in services and then not even bother to find out and comment on it , defeats me. Far too much of the book details his rather bizarre psychotherapy relating to the death of a relative, and I cannot in conscience recommend this book to anyone. I am glad this was one I borrowed from the local library as I would have felt robbed having to pay even 50p for it in a charity shop. Yes, I did dislike it that much, and resent the waste of precious hours reading it....... I still can't fathom why I read it a second time - perhaps I could not believe that a publisher actually paid for this book......

I have also been reading  Laurie King's "Mary Russell" series of detective fiction on my e-reader, hence the lack of photographs of book covers !

If you  haven't already encountered Miss Mary Russell, I strongly advise you to make her acquaintance :-) 

What is there not to enjoy about a teenaged feminist Jewish girl with strong scholarly tendencies becoming an apprentice detective to the great Sherlock Holmes after he retires to keep bees on the Sussex Downs ?

 Lots of Jewish / Christian interest has been woven into the stories,  and so far I have absolutely loved reading:

The Beekeeper's Apprentice   { an excerpt available here}

A Monstrous Regiment of Women   {an excerpt available here}    
A Letter of Mary   {an excerpt available here}

The Moor  {an excerpt available here}

Enjoy !

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