Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Recently Read

The pursuit of learning Latin continues, albeit slowly.
 I seem to be far better at buying books than mastering their contents,
 though the "House At Pooh Corner" in Latin is wonderful !!

"That Others May Live" is the life story of  Senior Master Sergeant Jack Brehm, a ParaRescue Jumper of the  US Air Force's 106th Air Rescue Wing.
 Brilliant book.  
The Chris Ryan book was also a cracking good read.

I am almost at the end of "Crossfire" so I have included it:-)
  "The Circuit" is extremely interesting as it is a purely factual account of an ex-SAS soldier who went "private" protecting people involved in the Gulf War and other places. It is a salutary reminder that fiction is often glamourised and does not always paint a good picture of the SAS.
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