Friday, December 31, 2010

Feeling Blue

Today I had the sad task of taking my mother's 19 year old cat to the vet to be put to sleep. Poppy was no longer grooming herself at all, struggling to eat and was becoming incontinent, and this morning Mum made the decision that "the time had come".

I stayed with Poppy right the way through , and for a few minutes after she passed. I came out of the vet's and howled all the way back to the car, and am crying now as I type this.

Poor little cat. She was such a sweetie, but although we have known for weeks that her end was approaching, it made it no easier to hold her as she died.

And tonight is the yahrzeit of my dear stepfather Gordon, who reposed on this night; may his memory be eternal.

I shall be glad to see 2011 arrive.
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Michelle M. said...

I have never had to go through the moments of a pet's death. I am not looking forward to that, especially because they really do become a part of the family. How is your mom doing?

May Gordon's memory be eternal!

I hope you have a blessed New Year!

margaret said...

Memory eternal for Gordon. And Poppy too, she was God's cat.

Today I sat and told the Little Sisters all my hopes for 2011. Miss Darcy washed between her toes and Miss Tilney turned her back on me and said, "harrrumpphhh" but I am glad to have them all the same.

elizabeth said...

Hope today is better. I will be so sad when it is Cleo's turn. HUGS and more HUGS.


Memory Eternal for Gordon.