Friday, December 03, 2010

Dewiscumbe And The Holy Well

 DH took me to the Holy Well this morning so I could take these photos in safety :-)

"Dewiscumbe" is the pre-Norman name for this part of the village, meaning "St David's Valley". It is a peaceful and isolated place, with virtually no through traffic as the village has a by-road which absorbs most traffic.

The well is dedicated to St David, who is widely believed to have walked along this exact route on his way to Pembrokeshire in the sixth century, to found his monastery. The very earliest Chapel in the village was dedicated to St David, and the modern Chapel also bears this dedication.

 This is the roof and enclosure walls of the Well, rebuilt from the original dilapidated stones in the 1800s.

There is a stile to keep out wandering animals and it requires a little agility to navigate safely in the icy winter weather.....

There is now a grille to prevent anyone directly accessing the interior of the well, though to my distress it is filled with rubbish which has been pushed through the bars.    

The rubbish is all too clearly clearly visible on top of the water....

The ferns are rather attractive, however:-) 

Looking across from the Well are several lovely stands of trees.

Another view of the lane as it meanders through the valley. It is so peaceful here that it beggars belief that a main road is less than fifty yards parallel to this narrow lane. I look forward to coming back in the Springtime to take more photos :-)
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margaret said...

There is/was a St Katherine's well, the balm well, near to me but it's been vandalised horribly. And even when it was fenced in people still contrived to fill it with rubbish. I don't understand, perhaps it's some latent Calvinism they're unaware of.