Friday, December 31, 2010

Book Summary


I mean 168 books which I have not ever read before. Some of them are indeed newly published, but most are "pre-loved"; if I had bought 168 brand new books at full price in the last year, my husband would likely be having a lengthy discussion about our limited budget....    :-)


In 2010, I read 168 new books and re-read quite a lot of others; the Thursday Next series I have re-read in its entirety at least three times this year as comfort reading :-)

I also wrote one book :-)

Not bad for a year, even though I say so myself.......and I have at least three books half-read which will count as 2011 reading now !!
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DebD said...

wow - that is a lot of books! I read 1/3 of that.

Jane G Meyer said...

168 new books?!!! That's so far from my reality that you leave me.... leave me..... speechless!

I'd love to know a couple of your favorites. Might be nice to have someone like you narrow down all the choices :)

Happy New Year!