Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tempus Fugit

I have no idea where today just went !

After taking DD4 to school and walking the dog, I dived in the shower, sent a birthday card to a relative, phoned the monumental stone mason about my brother's gravestone and went to my mother's house to sort out paperwork in preparation for a government official who was visiting at 11am to assess her financial circumstances to see if she qualifies for a "top-up" to her state pension.

The good news is that she may be able to get around £70 a week extra, as well as getting exemption from paying the Council Tax rates, which is around £100 a month that she is not finding it easy to afford. The claim may be able to be backdated to August, which will be a very nice lump sum for her and will relieve her anxiety about paying the heating bills.

Of course, one piece of information I needed wasn't to hand, but I went straight to the bank, retrieved the relevant information (which was just documentary proof of what I said it was) and took it straight to the appropriate department before treating myself to a much-needed lunch at Subway before heading to the place where I was due to start my volunteer work by 1.15pm.

As I was passing the thrift shop, I popped in and found no fewer than three excellent books, which I picked up for a song.  It was a productive afternoon, and my DH is on his way home from work, before all the snow due for the end of the week will hit the country.

All in all, a good day.
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Michelle M. said...

You are right: definitely a good day :) I miss being able to walk everywhere. We are stuck in a boring subdivision in the middle of suburbia.

Athanasia said...

I wish you lived closer as I have a bag of books ready to be donated. I'd much rather mail them to you!