Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NaNo Madness

I have had such fun this week !

NaNoWri Mo started on Monday morning, and as you can see from my widget, I am heading for the 8000 word mark.   My progress is being updated several times a day on my Facebook page, so if you are a regular commenter and would like to follow me, email me at :
orthodoxmum at gmail dot com       and I will send you the info !

 I'm hoping to do a book of short stories, but the first one - the plot which I had toyed with writing last year- has taken on a life of its own and is careering in directions I honestly never expected. It has become a horror/ creepy story, with a lot of angst, but I am hoping it will take a much happier turn quite soon. Perhaps I should be a little concerned that I didn't find it hard to write, but it was germane to the plot. I will be glad to wrap it up in the near future and move on;  I really want to do one about St Nicholas of Myra, but whether that will be next or a few more stories along, I'm not quite sure.

On Tuesday I was asked to participate in a panel interviewing candidates for a job, which was actually quite difficult, as all the candidates were good and two were absolutely outstanding. Choosing between them was really quite hard, and one always worries about whether the correct decision was made, but time will tell , I suppose.

I've also been proof-reading and commenting on a friend's academic assignment, which was only twenty typed pages long, but took me ages as I had to look up a lot of acronyms etc and check the correct forms had been used. Very interesting, nonetheless, and has expanded my knowledge base quite considerably :-)

Mum is progressing quite well and is able to see more each day. Her eye is healing nicely, and she is much more confident moving around now she can see what she is doing.

So, good news abounds. Long may it continue !  If only myDD1, DoomHamster, my dear son-in-law and my dear friend Elizabeth in Canada could get suitable jobs, I would be over the moon ........

DD3 has Scouts tonight, so the girls  have  been fed tea nice and early, and all of DD3's kit is ironed and ready. No-one has any homework to do tonight, so I am looking forward to a tranquil evening and the return of DH to the fold after his busy days working away from home.
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elizabeth said...

so glad you are having a nice week! Thanks for thinking of me; it means a lot. love to you.

Laura said...

sounds busy and good! Congratulations on the NaNo stuff...I'm impressed that you can find the time to write so much! Can you message me the info on facebook?

Michelle M. said...

I can't get over how much you've written already. Good luck with the rest!