Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Cross

I know this is a truly pathetic and whining rant, but someone in the vicinity of our house has left their dog out in the garden all day. Their dog has a loud and piercing bark, and so far, since 10 am today , the longest interval I have recorded between his barks has been 10 SECONDS. The dog has barked relentlessly all day, and did so yesterday too, according to my DH who was home ill.

My own dog is curled happily up on the sofa snoozing, and when he goes into our garden, looks quite baffled as to why this strange dog is barking all the time.

I am slowly going up the wall with the barking.

I really, really want to go in my garden and scream at the owner to put the dog in their house so it can drive *them* mental and not me.

Sorry. Rant Over
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Athanasia said...

No need to apologize for ranting because I understand exactly how you feel having experienced this myself. It is enough to drive one batty. Said barking dog is doing so because he is being ignored by its owner. Believe it or not, we have ordinances around here in our neighborhood that do not permit that type of thing and we can call police if it happens, so they can speak to the owner.

Tough situation Elizabeth, but rant away. You're surely entitled.

DebD said...

Agreeing with Trudy. This would drive me batty too. I completely sympathize with you. I hope you can adequately deal with the situation.

margaret said...

I hate that too. The owner needs a smack. Poor dog. Poor Elizabeth.

Meg said...

We have one of those, too. It YELPS all day long. I feel like shouting, "Will someone please put that poor animal out of its misery?!"