Monday, November 29, 2010


 On Sunday afternoon , I was in urgent need of acquiring  warm winter tights in bottle green for DD4 to wear to school, as even her renowned hardiness quailed at the thought of braving daytime temperatures of minus 3 in a skirt and long socks ! We had been monumentally unsuccessful in our attempts at other places over a three day period, and going to the Big City was my last hope.

The trip was successful though the bus journey was a little tedious at one and a half hours each way :-(
Considering DD4 is only just 9, I ended up having to buy tights for her that were labelled as age 12 -14, but they did fit her and were very warm, thank goodness.

 It was also Mr & Mrs DoomHamster's first wedding anniversary :-)
We were able to meet up with the happy couple and spent a few happy hours shopping, chatting and having fun , and it was a delight to see them so bubbly and happy. Even though it was minus 8 whilst we were in the City centre. When we got out off the bus, it was like inhaling ice chips into our lungs !!
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elizabeth said...

Sounds like a nice time! Many years for the 1st anniversary!

margaret said...

Mazl tov, Mr & Mrs DoomHamster!

I had to wear bottle green tights to school which you could only buy in the school shop for a small fortune.

And I'm glad you and yours (excepting Mister) like the snow. I'm getting unpopular around here with the big grin on my face.

Meg said...

Many years to the no-longer-newlyweds. A year goes by *so* fast!

As for the tights vs. long stockings -- er-hm, I had to go to school in my uniform and *bobby* sox when I was a girl -- no tights in the USA at that time. Did we FREEZE!!! So I sympathize with DD#4, and am glad she has the option.