Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I took Mum to the hospital yesterday, and after a marathon three hour visit, it has been decided she needs urgent cataract surgery, which will hopefully be done within six weeks. And that's NHS urgent for you :-)

If, of course, she just happened to have a spare £2,000 in savings, she could have one eye done within a few days..... and then another £2,000 for the other eye a few weeks later. It is such a shame that DH's company private medical cover does not include the extended family.
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elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy. Sorry to hear this! May God heal! Prayers, hugs and love!

DebD said...

Well, even if it is urgent at least cataracts aren't very painful (or deadly).


thegeekywife said...

Sorry to hear of more medical issues for your mum! :(

will be praying, of course.

Ian Climacus said...

Love and prayers from Down Under for your mum, you and the family. God bless.