Friday, October 01, 2010

My Heart Is Full

............of bright sadness.

Brenda's funeral was as beautiful as a funeral can be, filled with dignified and restrained sadness at our loss, seamlessly intermingled with the joy of the Resurrection and the Christian faith - just like Brenda herself, I think.

Anastasia, you asked about Brenda - what can I say ?

She was a sweet, loving, charitable lady (in **every** true sense of the word), who had a deep and abiding Christian faith, who had an amazing sense of fun, who loved her family deeply and had that rare gift of making everyone with whom she spoke feel as if they were the most important and special person in the world to her at that exact moment.

Her home and heart and time were always available to those who needed them; she was an amazing listener, proffering advice when asked for it, and always remaining true to her high standards of morals and ethics. Life had not always been kind to Brenda, but she was always kindness itself to everyone.

When feeling alone and bereft, for whatever reason, we all gravitated to Brenda, who mothered us all. When there were things that as teenagers we felt we could not tell our parents, we could always confide in Brenda. Her love was unconditional; she had a heart as big as the world, and my life is all the richer for having been blessed to know her.

May God grant her rest and peace in His Kingdom !!
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elizabeth said...

May the Lord remember her in His kingdom! Memory Eternal...

DebD said...

it's always hard to loose someone so special in our lives. May her memory be eternal!

Dave said...

Memory eternal!

Athanasia said...

Those are some beautiful words Elizabeth. I suspect you are much like your beloved Auntie Brenda. May it be blessed.

Memory Eternal!

Susie Hemingway said...

Oh how you will miss her -Your Auntie Brenda sounded just wonderful and perfect in everyway. I expect you have learnt much from her that you will generously carry forward to help and comfort others.
Blessings dear friend.