Friday, August 13, 2010

Ups And Downs

{Edited for spelling issues :-) }

Mum has had a very mixed week. On Tuesday she was very nauseous, so I contacted the pharmacist to arrange for her prescribed anti-emetic to be issued. That did help a lot.
On Wednesday she was very drowsy, somewhat confused and ate/drank very little. I was concerned and our wonderful family doctor came round to check on her within 15 minutes of me phoning, and this was at 8.30 at night ! No signs of any infection at all, but she just wasn't "with it".

Doctor thinks this is just part and parcel of the gradual but inexorable deterioration of her health.

Mum's dose of morphine has been adjusted accordingly, and yesterday she was much brighter. Today she seems brighter again, and has been enjoying her food. She was pleased to see us :-)
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Mimi said...

Oh, sigh. Prayers.

Athanasia said...

Oh Elizabeth, I am sorry to read the "inexorable deterioration of health." That made me sad. I guess we are grateful for the joyous days and treasure them as time marches on and they become less and less.

elizabeth said...

Sending my love prayers and some hugs. This is not an easy time but what a blessing that your Mom has you and a good doctor to help her during this time...