Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Much For Summer

According to the BBC 's internet local forecast for our town, the allegedly "light" (huh!) rain should have finished by now, the visibility should be good and we should be basking in sunny intervals and slapping on the sun protection cream.  I should, therfore, be readying my oung ones to walk up to town to visit the local library and exchange their books.

Absolutely no chance of that !

I am stretched out on my bed, laptop on lap, gloomily surveying the upstairs garden window, from whence the nearby hills are virtually invisible due to the mist and absolutely torrential rain, which shows no signs of stopping anytime this day. Possibly not any time this week. Apart from a few hours of fitful sun last Saturday, the rain has varied from being intermittent to non-stop for the last ten days or so.

You can tell it is the children's summer holidays,  because it is raining :-)
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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

so ironic... the places having rain and then Russia that is desperate for it.

you've had a hard go of a summer.

hugs and love.