Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recently Read

I was planning several posts for this week, mainly about books I have read over the last few weeks. Due to the unscheduled eating of my photos by the main computer, I am unable to do this. Many of the books I read were library books which had been already returned to the library, of course........

One book I absolutely loved (and can give Ian in Oz *all* the credit for, due to his excellent revies of Dr Crystal's other books) was the wonderful linguist/speech pathologist Dr David Crystal's entertaining, witty and utterly absorbing "It's Just A Phrase I'm Going Through". This is definitely one I am going to buy for myself !

 Robin Cook's medical thriller, Outbreak.
A golden oldie, which I revisit every so often. Still has the ability to have me sitting on the edge of my seat :-)

Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. 
I didn't think I would enjoy this, but I did. After ending her marriage, the author travels to Italy, then India, to visit the ashram of her guru, then to the Far East. She has many experiences and adventures, meets all sorts of people and has a variety of religious experiences, some of which would be described by our spiritual Mothers and Fathers as misleading at best, possibly demonic at worst. Even to this poor  Orthodox Christian, many of them appeared dodgy in the extreme.... but it was still interesting. Apparently, a film is being made of this book.

Ian Mortimer's A Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England.
If you have any interest in history, or a special interest in medieval life, you will enjoy this book. He writes on the premise of a modern day traveller being catapulted into medieval England and being utterly lost and bewildered and needing the equivalent of a Rough Guide to the age and place in which he finds himself. A substantial paperback, covering just about every topic you can possibly imagine a traveller would need to know to avoid getting into danger, trouble, or giving offence to others. An absolute delight, and I cannot recommened it too highly!
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DebD said...

I felt the same way about "Eat, Pray, Love"... including enjoying it more than I thought I would. She's a entertaining writer.

The Time Traveller's book sounds quite interesting.

Mimi said...

Oooh, the last one sounds really good.

The entire time I read "Eat, Pray, Love" (and I liked Eat and Love the best) I wanted to tell her about Orthodoxy, I think it would connect a lot of dots for her.

thegeekywife said...

I was really looking forward to reading Eat Pray Love, but I found it disappointing. I remember feeling kinda sad at the end. She has since written another memoir called Committed. Yes, the movie is due out soon here.

Dave said...

I really enjoyed Ian Mortimer's bio of Roger Mortimer, though his conclusions about the fate of Edward II were a bit speculative. "A Time Traveller's Guide..." sounds very entertaining.