Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And Even More

Both of these Chris Ryan (another ex-SAS soldier turned writer) books were excellent. I would have enjoyed them even more if the hero hadn't been prone to having graphic sex with practically every female mentioned in the books, but that's just me......

Another gripping tale.  It is always fun finding titles which I borrowed from the Library for sale at the charity shops at knock-down prices !

Diplomatic Baggage is very funnily but dryly written account of the author's lifetime of being a Diplomatic Spouse (in every sense of the words !) and being sent all over the world. Priceless !

Holes is a classic teenager book which I had also never encountered. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when the bad guys got their well deserved just desserts at the end.  An excellent book.

The War Of Jenkins' Ear is a Michael Morpurgo book about the conflicts between boys at a boarding school and their village counterparts, and how the arrival of a new boy who believes he is Jesus impacts their community. A clever, often sad and always thought-provoking book dating back to 1998.

Confessions Of A GP is an enjoyable read about the life of a GP in modern England. It has some thoughtful moments, many incisive comments and much humour. A pleasant read.
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