Friday, July 23, 2010

News On Mum

Mum is  much better than she was on Wednesday night, thank God.

She has Hospital Acquired Pneumonia now in the deepest part of her left lung, and is being treated aggressively with  two lots of IV antibiotics and eight nebuliser treatments a day. She is now eating and drinking again, and has been managing to sit out in a chair by her bed for a few hours, though she still feels very poorly and will do so for the next few days. She was quite cheerful when I visited her last night, despite all she has been through.

Managing to stay out of hospital for only 25 hours before being readmitted must be some kind of record, I'm sure.....    !!!!

On a happier note, DH and my little ones return later today !
 God grant them a safe and easy journey home !
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elizabeth said...

So glad to hear! continued prayers!

Michelle M. said...

I'm glad that she is hanging in there. I'm sorry you are going through this but it will be good to have your family back together.

Laura said...

I'm glad things seem to be heading in the right direction. Prayers will continue!! We've been keeping St. John of Shanghai pretty busy!!