Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mum Is Home !

{Edited to correct spelling!}

By dint of tears, tantrums, persistance, threats of signing herself out Against Medical Advice and sheer bloody-mindedness (as well as massively underplaying her symptoms and how unwell she was feeling yesterday) Mum has managed to finagle her way out of the hospital after 28 days as an in-patient.

I am glad that she is home, but a bit miffed that she has got out  before all the care plans and safety measures proposed by the medical staff have been put in place; these were all due to be set up the end of this week and beginning of next to make suure she has all the help she needs - and it is a lot of help needed....

Neighbours who were willing to help keep an eye on her when I can't be there, and willing to be listed on the Lifeline 's"emergency tree" of contacts are away this week . Sigh.

 She is still very far from well, and really should have stayed in for another few days so she could have become steadier when walking with her zimmer frame and more familiar with her medication; she is taking 28 tablets each morning.

I can't possibly imagine where I get my own stubborness and bloody-mindedness from, of course ;-)
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margaret said...

Mazel tov to Mum - can't blame her for wanting out. I hope all goes well and the care plan slots into place quickly.

DebD said...

praying for your mom's safety. I hope she doesn't push herself too much.

elizabeth said...

wow - well - prayers continue! hang in there! love to you!

Mimi said...

Whoooot! Thanks be to God!
Give her a hug from us!