Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Local Holy Well

Each time I walk to my mother's house, I pass this Holy Well.
Known in Welsh as "Y Ffynnon Fawr", it is believed to be dedicated to the Mother of God.
The existing stonework is Norman, but the village itself  was known to exist in Viking/Anglo-Saxon times, and the well may be of considerable antiquity. 
 It does have healing properties, but as you can see from the very sad final photograph, the well is padlocked shut as local people seem to think it appropriate to dump their rubbish in it, meaning that it is very unlikely that anyone would ever be allowed access to the waters inside due to Health & Safety issues......
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Michelle M. said...

It is really sad that the people find no value in such a holy place.

Ian Climacus said...

Very sad indeed.

But a blessing that you have such holy places, even if others feel free to dirty them, near you.