Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Alone

We were up at 4.45am, and the children were awake and bouncing about five minutes later :-)

They watched a little TV whilst DH and I got the car packed, and the dog sat on the sofa in total bewilderment, looking so sad................thinking, of course, that he was about to be shunted off to the boarding kennels !

I blessed the children and prayed for them to have a safe journey and a very happy holiday with DH, and saw them into the car, with a thousand kisses and hugs, and waved them off at 5.30am.

I am tearing up just writing this. The house is so very quiet; I am thankful to have my lovely Basil to keep me company. When I came back in the house, and said "Just me and you now, kiddo!", the dog looked at me in mazement, as if to say "But......but.....why are *you* still here then ?"

In order to distract both him and me, I took him for a nice long walk, and it was gorgeous ! We saw loads of birds, and only two cars on the road all the time we were out, and also one gentleman in the distance, out walking too. The birds sang, the sun was rising and it was so unbelievably quiet and peaceful....a blessing to experience. I may well walk the dog at the crack of dawn tomorrow too, LOL.

As soon as we came back, I lit the lampada and prayed for blessings on all my loved ones.

 DH will text me as soon as they arrive at Longleat, and I will phone them tonight after I have visited Mum in hospital. DoomHamster's interview is at 10am; God grant it goes well for her.....

Updated to add:

The travellers have arrived safely; DH rang to let me know that they were tucking into breakfast at the Big M near Longleat at 07.50am and they had had a good journey down :-)
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DebD said...

I'm enough of a loner that I love it when hubby takes the children off for a few days adventure. However, if I had been planning this vacation with my family, I would be just as disappointed at you if I couldn't go.

elizabeth said...

Thinking of you! A comfort to pray and light your lampada!! I hope your DD's interview goes well... Lord have mercy!