Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deja Vu

{Edited to correct spelling !}

Quite literally.

Mum was not well at lunchtime, and unable to take her medications. I called the GP, who came out immediately and diagnosed a rip-roaring chest infection and advised Mum to go back into hospital. Mum refused point blank but agreed to accept heavy duty oral antibiotics.

By 4.30pm I was increasingly anxious about her lethargy, hydration status and oxygenation, so I called the GP again and was told to call 999 (our version of 911) for the paramedics immediately. 

I had to "pull rank" on Mum and tell her bluntly that John (her dear friend and companion) and I were worried sick about her and we needed to know that she was safely in hospital having 24 hour nursing care with all the medications and oxygen she obviously needed to treat this infection properly. By this stage she was feeling so poorly she did reluctantly agree to go into hospital.

It was the same ambulance crew who took her in a month ago ! They could not believe the saga of what Mum had endured, and they transferred her into hopsital quickly and efficiently;  in the ambulance they took a set of observations and her O2 saturations were only 73 % as well as her having a very rapid heart and breathing rate.

I have just come back from the hospital now, where Mum has had numerous investigations including a chest X-Ray and most definitely has a nasty chest infection; they think it is most likely a recurrence of the MRSA which was not adequately eliminated by the IV antibiotics. She may be in for quite some time, possibly even another month............
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elizabeth said...

Oh Elizabeth, I am so sorry to hear this! I am glad that the parametics were so compassionate and that your Mother is having 24hr care again. I do believe you did the right thing, as I think you know. I will pray some special prayers tonight and send my love and some big sincere Hugs.

Michael said...

Oh dear!

I can't imagine the frustration this must cause her, and the anxiety you, after all of that patience and eventual sense of relief.

With my prayers,

Ian Climacus said...

Prayers and love for your mum, you and John from Down Under.

margaret said...

Elizabeth, I am so sorry to hear this. I did so hope yesterday that she had deep down done the right thing (hospitals not being what they once were as the wretched MRSA proves) and it's heartbreaking to read this. She is, as always, in my prayers.

thegeekywife said...

lots of prayers for you and Mum.

Athanasia said...

That MRSA can be nasty but she will recover! Stay strong! Hugs to her and you from across the pond.

Michelle M. said...

I am so sorry... my prayers!!