Thursday, June 10, 2010

Signs Of Life

I am now left with just a dull nagging ache and some pain on extremes of my range of movement on my afflicted shoulder. it is a bit of a nuisance, but bearable, and certainly nothing to complain about compared to the pain I was in from Thursday last week till Monday night :-)

It certainly makes you appreciate being able to do the simple things in life, like put on a sweater or brush hair !

And on a slightly larger scale, the council have at long last delivered our new recycling supplies today. I am glad, as  the borough-wide recycling scheme is supposed to start next week !

Our current weekly black refuse bag collection of all domestic waste is being phased out. Instead we will have fortnightly collection of black refuse bags, and weekly collection of :
  • kitchen food scraps (these go into a small kitchen caddy, lined with biodegradeable bags, then into a larger outdoors container)
  • plastic containers and bottles - in a separate container
  • aerosols - in a separate container
  • tin cans -- in a separate container
  • paper - in a separate container
  • cardboard- in a separate container
- all of which will apparently go to be recycled, therefore in theory drastically cutting the amount of rubbish which will go into landfill sites.

If it is successful, it could make a huge difference to the amount of waste generated and dumped by each household, as the bulk of things will be either recycled or in the case of domestic food waste, composted by the council.

And no doubt we will be charged if we want to buy any of the compost which we have helped produce from food we have bought, and for which we are already paying an exorbitant amount of council tax to subsidise the recycling scheme anyway.....................
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thegeekywife said...

good to hear you are on the thaw!

elizabeth said...

missed you! yeah... recyling is great, upping the costs to do so, not so great.

hope you feel fully better soon!

Laura said...

I am glad your shoulder is feeling better. It's a shame the recycling costs so much, but it is good for the earth we are called to care for...

Michelle M. said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling been. We have prayed for you during our morning prayers.

The recycling program sounds great (not necessarily the cost, though). I'm glad you are given the opportunity. We don't have anything like that where I live.

Ian Climacus said...

Hurrah for feeling better; thanks be to God.

Sounds like a comprehensive recycling plan; ours is paper/bottles only. Hope the cost isn't too much.