Monday, May 10, 2010

Wireless Woes

Our wireless router gave up the ghost last week. Mind you, it had given us at least four years of hard daily use......
DH installed our spiffy new one, and set it up so the two main computers and his laptop were all running. But forgot all about "my precious" !  When I pointed out this serious lapse of  memory, he found we had a grade A "Houston, we have a problem" type problem. "My precious" runs Ubuntu, and for some bizarre reason it was not allowing anyone, not even with root user privileges, to amend any of the internet wireless settings.

We were not happy campers.

 As all the other machines in the house run Windoze we decided to re-image "my precious" with Windoze to allow compatibility across all the machines........ It took DH the best part of six hours to complete and get everything working, as he resurrected old Windows XP and had to install 3 service packs and 27 updates :-)

But now I have a fully functioning "precious" which can access the internet.

Normal service has been resumed :-)
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elizabeth said...

wow; lots of tech work; what a blessing that your DH was able to do all this work!


best wishes for the apple tree


politics - Lord have mercy.

Athanasia said...

6 hours?! That is absolutely crazy that something would take that long to configure. Companies need to make things easier to do for the user populous!

Michelle M. said...

How sad that you had to give up Linux for a mediocre OS. Have you tried using Fedora? That is what I use, and it works great. I love Linux! I think my husband being an open source computer programmer has a lot to do with that :)