Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunshiney Day

Yesterday morning, after I had taken DD4 to school, I walked up to the cemetery where my brother and father are buried, to meet DD2 and Rob, who wanted to put flowers on the grave but weren't sure how to locate it in the large cemetery..

It was one of those glorious early summer mornings - brilliant blue skies, no clouds to be seen, with blazing sun and a nice breeze which made walking several miles an absolute pleasure and delight :-)  The noise of the birds singing was unbelievably loud, despite the roar of passing cars. The leaves on the many trees were rustling quietly in the breeze, bees were humming as they visited flowers, and it was impossible to do anything else but enjoy the beauty around me.

It was a day that will long live on in my memory.
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Michelle M. said...

That is such a beautiful memory. Memory eternal!

elizabeth said...


Mimi said...

I agree, what a wonderful memory. May their Memories be Eternal, and gentle hugs to you

Athanasia said...

The birds were singing of God's Glory loud enough to drown out the world. That's beautiful for you Elizabeth! I'm so glad.

Memory Eternal!

Dave said...

Memory eternal! And what a hint of that great and glorious day of Resurrection.