Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pondering On The Psalms

My primary prayers these days seem to be from the Psalter. What comfort, what inspiration, what joy, what fear and what sorrow they engender................

No matter how awful my day may have been, there will be something in one of the psalms I read which touches my heart.

Those for whom I have promised to pray, I remember especially fervently when I read the Psalter at bedtime.

I have no idea why I didn't start praying/reading the Psalter many years ago. I wish I had !
 Now, it is a beloved part of my daily routine and I can't *not* read it . Some days I will read a whole Kathisma, other days just a Stasis, or even one Psalm, but I am thankful just to "keep going" :-)
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Miss Tilney said...

I have experienced the same thing. I find as times goes on more and more of my prayers are drawn from the psalms and I memorise them for praying during the day. Infact, I start the day with the 1st and 3rd Hours and always feel sad when I finish the psalms and have to 'do' the rest of them!

elizabeth said...

I need to be doing the Psalms more...

saw update on your Mum; this is hard; we are remembering her here in my church.