Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Also Finished Reading

The Amish book was utterly fascinating. It is a rather more scholarly sociological tome than many of the mainstream books about the Amish, but I really did enjoy it. 

What can I say about this one ?  If you like information such as :

" Pistachios are deadly dangerous. They are classified under Class 4.2 of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code: Flammable Solids (Substances Liable To Spontanous Combustion).  Fresh pistachios, if stacked under pressure, can burst into flames and cause a cargo fire.
Pistcahios continue to absorb oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide even after harvesting.....If there is inadequate ventilation, seamen entering the hold of a cargo ship can die from carbon dioxide poisoning or from lack of oxygen".

 - then, like me, you will love this book.

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thegeekywife said...

odd pistachios....

you might like

it's a magazine published in the States but the web site has tons of neat factoids!