Sunday, April 11, 2010

We Made It !

We got to church today :-)

It is physically impossible to leave our small town by bus before 12 noon on a Sunday. So DH drove the children and I to nearby Blogtown to catch the train to go to our little community's new church home. It was a bare two minute walk from the train station to get to the redundant Church in Wales (Anglican) church which we have been invited to use.

It means we no longer have to set up and pull down the accoutrements for Liturgy each week, but will now be able to leave the interior set up for Orthodox worship on a permanent basis, which is wonderful and a great blessing.It was our first visit to the church; it is very sweet and very well adapted to our needs.

It was lovely to atend Thomas Sunday service there. I really do hope that we will be able to make it to Liturgy much more often now.
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elizabeth said...

Glory to God! How wonderful this is!

Christ is risen!

My love to you this day!

DebD said...

That is wonderful! I am so happy for your church family. Yay! to hubby for taking you to Blogtown for the train. What a blessing.

Ian Climacus said...

Christ is Risen!

And how wonderful indeed. I was unaware of it, but reading this article from Wikipedia:

Thomas Sunday is also called Antipascha (literally, "in the place of Pascha") because those who for honorable reason were not able to attend the Paschal Vigil, may attend services on this day instead.

Seems made for you. :D

Ian Climacus said...

Oh -- and wonderful news about the new church. We are, God willing, hoping for approval from council to move to a block of land we purchased soon. We, as you do, set up and pull down each Saturday evening/Sunday afternoon.

Susie Hemingway said...

How wonderful to have a new church and that you managed to get there for your service. When so many churches are vanishing it is so nice to hear of new places to worship. Our little village church has also been through many changes recently but we are still able to hang on to our monthly service, which is so very much enjoyed by us here.
Many thanks very kind Lady for your continued support and your prayers for our Dear Hamada

Mimi said...

Christ is Risen~ Wonderful news!

Matt said...

Good good!

Meg said...

I am *so* very happy for you! Is it a long drive to the train?

Ian, I didn't know that about "Anti-Pascha" -- I knew that it was called that, but not why. Makes me feel much better about having missed the Paschal services.