Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Unexpected Intimacy

Last week, DD3 was performing in a concert at her school. It is a termly event, designed to showcase the talents of all those youngsters who play/learn instruments or who sing, at that school.

DD3 is in the Junior Choir, and they were performing first. DD3's choir sang their modern piece brilliantly, and indeed all the youngsters performed exceedingly well .

But one person stood out above all others performing that night.

One young woman in her final years at the school played Faure's Romance Opus 69 on her cello, with only a piano accompaniment. I had never heard that piece before, and it was lovely, but what struck me to the heart was how much that young lady loved that piece of music.

It was performed in a very small concert space and her facial expressions were very clearly visible. You could see her "feel" in her heart and soul every note she played. It was an amazing and astonishingly intimate sight, really almost too private to be seen by others, as she  showed on her face what she felt and meant and dreamt as she played that music.

It was a privilege to watch her perform, as she is an artist to her very fingertips. It obviously meant an enormous amount to her, and she was able to convey that to the audience.She had a rousing round of applause, and justifiably so.

I have to say, that even thinking about her performance brings tears to my eyes, and listening to that piece of music now makes me cry unashamedly.

I am providing a YouTube link in case you want to listen to another artist's fine performance of this piece.

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elizabeth said...

what a special moment! neat that you saw it for what it is!`

Ian Climacus said...

How wonderful. I'll listen to it when I get home [PC here has not very good speakers...]

I too, when I am close enough [cheap seats at concerts are often waaaayyy at the back :) ], look at the expression of the musicians or singers; and it is a delight indeed when you can seem, from the face and body gestures, their delight and involvement in the work. You expressed it wonderfully Elizabeth, thank you.

And well done DD3 too!