Friday, April 16, 2010

Recently Read

DD3 insisted I had to start reading her Doctor Who novels. Being a good obedient mother, I did and enjoyed this one.

Georgette Heyer's Regency Romances and Elsie Oxenham's "Abbey"  books - my literary equivalent of comfort food ! Love'em to bits.

There are many new Chalet school "fill-in" novels written by other writers; this one by Helen Barber was a particularly good one. 
Sherlock Holmes and the Golden Bird had a interesting plot, though Holmes would not have addressed Dr Watson as "ole fellow",  I am sure.
Good Omens is a cross between a classic Terry Pratchett and parts of the film of The Omen, with enormous amounts of humour interjected. The exchanges between the Devil and the Chief Angel are particularly amusing......

Bill Bryson - I love all his books.  This is a particularly good one.

The Luberon garden was a very nice book, written by a British gardener who settled in the Luberon region of France and set about designing and planting  people's gardens for them.A fascinating and gentle book, with only occasional line drawings but much food for the imagination.

Necropolis made me feel rather hard done by, actually. I was so looking forward to reading it - from the library -  but there was not much in it that had not been covered in other books, both historical and fictional. 
It is a scholarly book about the various practices about burying London's dead throughout the ages, but it never really captured my enthusiasm because it never went into any real depth, if you'll pardon the pun.......

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elizabeth said...

Lovely mix of books here!

DebD said...

I just finished reading The Grand Sophy and I just didn't enjoy it. I do like the idea of the regency period books, but I didn't like this heroine. Are the other Heyer heroines that way too, because I'd like to try another one.

(you can see my review up on FB)

Ian Climacus said...

I greatly enjoyed Mother Tongue also.

The new series of Doctor Who screens here tonight -- hurrah! :) As per your comment on my blog, I do hope the series continues well.

Athanasia said...

Never have been a Doctor Who fan. I may need to re-explore them again. I do love Georgette Heyer's books though. I've found several to download to the Kindle that are free!