Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Especially For Deb

I would agree that Sophy is a bit bumptious, as far as Heyer heroines go !
I have been pondering which Georgette Heyer book to recommend, to give you a better idea of the range of heroines which she portrayed.

I am currently reading "Sylvester", where Phoebe is the most unlikely heroine, but that is very slow until about page 100, though the plot is highly original.

I am thinking that perhaps you might enjoy "The Reluctant Widow" rather better, or possibly "Venetia".
"The Unknown Ajax" is also an excellent read.
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1 comment:

DebD said...

Thank you Elizabeth! I actually "Sylvester" and "The Relectant Widow" on my list at Paperback Swap. I'll add "Unknown Ajax" too - I hadn't heard of that one.