Monday, March 08, 2010

A Strange Day

I am a lady of leisure again, now that my temporary job has ended.

 I was awake at the crack of dawn, ready to go to work, only to realise that there is no work. I have found myself pacing round the house like a caged animal, unable to settle to any task for any period of time......... I feel rather bereft, to be honest. I enjoyed being at work, being productive and feeling that I was making a difference; at the moment, I simply cannot muster the same enthusiasm for housework !

The house is, nevertheless, rapidly becoming both clean and tidy again, and the laundry is blowing on the washing line as I type this, on a gloriously fine but bitterly cold Spring day.

I just wonder what the coming weeks will bring............ I intend to continue my sporadic Latin studies with greater vigour, now that I no longer have the excuse of "no time to spare"!.
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elizabeth said...

yeah. work can give you that sense... I am hoping I can find work after my French studies; my best wishes.

Meg said...

Well do I know the feeling -- but it's amazing how rapidly you can become accustomed to all that wonderful "leisure"!