Monday, March 15, 2010

Stately Musings

Home to Roost is a delight; the acerbic wit of Deborah, the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire (and youngest of the Mitford sisters) is profound and priceless. One particular gem :

"Chatsworth {her family's stately home} has a Farm Shop, which, although successful, does produce some rather odd complaints. I have had two letters from women who bought a whole lamb for their freezer. Their messages were the same: 'When I drive through the park at Chatsworth, I see the lambs and they have four legs. When I unpacked the lamb I bought from you, it had only two legs. What happened to the other two?' 

 Farmers looking for diversification please note - breed a sheep with four legs, forget the shoulders and you'll be made!"

That did make me giggle - Enough said of the women who failed to realise that sheep, like humans, have two arms and two legs, and their forequarters are butchered as shoulders of lamb, their hindquarters as legs of lamb  .........    :-)

Another delight was an edited volume of the letters between Deborah and the famous travel writer, Patrick Leigh Fermor, whose families became dear friends. I was lucky enough to pick up the large hardback volume, signed by the editor, for only 80p at a thrift shop, when the retail price was £25.00 !!!
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