Tuesday, March 23, 2010


For almost six months, my brother's ashes have been ensconced on the sideboard in my dining room, close to the icon corner, and in my line of sight each time I go to the kitchen, reminding me and enabling me to pray for him many times a day. It has been a comfort and a blessing. This photo was taken on Thursday of last week, just before I took his remains to the Funeral Home prior to the interment. It feels really strange not having him here.

These are the beautiful flowers from our family for the funeral. The spray is about 3ft wide. I had to stand on a chair to get a decent-ish photo, and all the while was thinking " I really don't want to fall off this now and break my leg, an hour before the interment....!"

On Monday I walked up to the cemetery - about forty minutes brisk walk each way - to take photos of the flowers in situ for my mother, who is not well enough to leave the house at the moment, and she wanted to see how much the stargazer lilies had opened up.

And the answer was this much ! There were still lots of buds just starting to unfurl, so the flowers should look lovely for at least a few more days......

The lovely yellow flowers were from my brother's three closest friends and their families, who all knew and loved him. I lit a seven day votive grave candle and read the prayers for the departed over my father and brother. The grave is in the "old" part of the cemetery, where we can, in due course, erect any type of headstone/memorial we wish over the grave. In the newer section of the cemetery, there are very strict rules as to the size and type of memorial, for technical maintenance reasons, and we preferred to have a bit more choice :-)
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thegeekywife said...

lovely flowers. Thank you for sharing.

elizabeth said...

May the Lord continue to comfort and protect! Memory Eternal.

Mimi said...

May his Memory be Eternal.
What a beautiful resting place.

Ian Climacus said...

Thank you for sharing. Beautiful flowers indeed.

Continued prayers.