Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mantillas and Pascha

Alana, over at the Free To Cover blog, is hosting a give-away of two lovely white lace mantillas for Pascha.  I am one of those who often, but not always, feels the need to cover my head in prayer at home, and would certainly put a mantilla to good use.

Mantillas are something that you just never see here for sale, not even in the RC shops which stock first communion outfits etc.
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CG said...

Mantillas are lovely but not so practical for doing prostrations. Have a look at the head-coverings on this site

I bought the longer style called Suzanne in a plain dark cotton (you can choose your colour) and it stays put even on my fine slippy hair. It even has a narrow band of velvet ribbon in a contrasting colour stitched onto the inner front edge which helps to stop it slipping back.

I live in Australia and was pleased that it arrived so quickly and at a very reasonable cost. You might even try asking them to send it in time for you to wear at Pascha.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

CG, many thanks for the link !

I liked several styles of head coverings that look lovely as well as practical.

I currently use a head scarf, and it does tend to slip/fall off with prostrations :-)