Saturday, March 20, 2010

Counting Akathists

Edited to add:

Elizabeth, I have the St Spyridon Akathist in book format but I will type it out in segments, one or two each day for you :-)

Out of curiosity, I counted the texts of Akathists which I own. (other than the original Akathist)

I have 21 !

The Theotokos Nurturer of Children
The Theotokos Healer of Cancer
The Theotokos Joy of All who Sorrow

The Life-Bearing Tomb & Resurrection
The Precious Cross
To Almighty God in Time of Trouble
The Repose of those who have fallen asleep

St John the Wonderworker
St Herman of Alaska
Blessed Seraphim Rose

St Xenia
St Nicholas
St Spyridon of Tremythus
St Nectarios of Pentapolis

St Michael the Archangel
All Saints of western Europe
St Etheldreda (Audrey)
St Ignatius Brianchaninov

Sts Peter & Paul
St Juliana of Lazarevo
St Elizabeth the New Martyr

All I need to do now is pray them more regularly........
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elizabeth said...


You have St Spyridon of Tremythus

Do you have it in a emailable format? if so could you email it to me? I had been told about this Akathist a week ago from a friend who was really helped by this Saint and wanted to pray it ever since...

I have different Akathists too; I wish to pray them more but also seek to do as Fr. Hopko says, pray as you can, not as you wish you could! such a balance.

I have a lot of these Akathists as well and I think some you do not have as well...

My love to you! Do let me know RE Akathist to St Spyridon of Tremythus when and if you can! (no pressure, I know weekends are busy!! and it is lent!)

margaret said...

I too love Akathists and have quite a few - mostly thanks to a lovely bloke I met on a forum a while back. However, I don't have the Akathist to Blessed Seraphim and as he was instrumental in my becoming Orthodox (and I think - great authority that I am - that he should be glorified) I would like very, very much to be able to pray it. do you have it in a format you could email to me (not Word)? my email is Thank you. If you can think of any you are lacking and would like I'll look through my collection for you.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Elizabeth... I guess you don't have a scanner! :) I do so if there are Akathists you want that I have, I can send them your way... (my computer printer includes a scanner).

would love to see what ever you have on St. S of T when you have the time. :)

Blessed rest of today to you!