Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recently Read

Both of these two were enjoyable, the book about cycling around Greece particularly so !

We Are At War was excellent, the second I wouldn't bother with reading unless you are utterly horse-crazy  like the narrator's family and don't mind the narrator's mother appearing to be far more upset about the death of her prize bull than she was about aborting her second child. That just really upset me.

Ellis Peters never managed to write a substandard detective book, in my opinion. Both of these are looking very tattered and dog-eared; they are much-loved and frequently re-read books :-)

I really like Diane Duane's books. Far too good to be marketed primarily for children !

I like most things Libby Purves writes, and her story about sailing around Britain on a small boat with her young family is wonderful. It makes me so sad to know that the lovely son about whom she writes so vividly,  ended his own life a few years ago when suffering from a catastrophic episode of depression, despite having wonderful family support. Kyrie elesion....

The Dan Brown thriller was actually surprisingly good. I loathed and despised  his Da Vinci Code  beyond  all words, but was recently convinced by a colleague to try one of his non-religion based thriller stories. It was actually a good read; I read it in one sitting. Your mileage may vary, of course.....

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elizabeth said...

sigh! I too love Ellis Peter's books... don't think I have the funeral of figaro!! I do have various ones however... really enjoy them!

Ian Climacus said...

Wow. How "recent" is "recently"?: a lot of books.

A friend put me on to Ellis Peters for which I am very thankful; love the Cadfael books.