Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh My.

Is it just me ?

I feel swamped.

The first week of Great Lent is almost over; I haven't been to a single service, haven't even read any of the services at home, which I normally do. 

I never even got round to asking forgiveness of y'all on Sunday, which I do so now most humbly.

Fasting has been erratic to say the very least.  The young ones are off for half term break and I am trying hard to get all the laundry etc done in good time for next week's return to school.

Between mother and mother-in-law, we seem to lurch from one anxiety and crisis to the next.

I am managing to hang onto the barest shred of a prayer rule with gritted teeth and clutching fingers, like a drowning man grasping at a straw.........I am praying one stasis of Psalms daily for those whom I know are in need of prayers, and am managing so far to read one chapter of Isiaih daily, as well as one chunk of "Christ in His Saints". More than that is beyond me.

I am just so tired. Work, housework, cold wet dark days are all rather grim at the moment. It must be Lent !

On Tuesday, I have my job interview.  Prayers for the acceptance of whatever is the Will of God for me will be most welcome !
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Here are some prayers for you in this tough time.

May your job interview go as it is supposed to!

What is happening with your mother-in-law? I've been quite concerned, after you wrote that post about the Husky pup.

And your own mother? Is she okay?

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy!! will seek to pray for you; sometimes we just have to do what we can and trust that God is taking care of us in the midst.

sounds like you have a LOT going on.

My love and small prayers. Hugs!

Laura said...

prayers are headed your way!

Ian Climacus said...

As elizabeth commented, wisely I think, sometimes we can only do what we can do. God bless, and be assured of prayers and love ascending from Down Under for you dear Elizabeth.

Michelle M. said...

Praying for you! I think since Lent came so early this year, it may have sneaked up on some people. I hope things will being to calm down for you!

DebD said...

I am sorry last week was so difficult. I am just now getting this into my RSS feed so I'm a bit behind on reading your blog. I hope this week is better. Loved all your book lists!

margaret said...

I too am swamped. "Overwhelmed with priorities" as an acquaitance puts it with hand to forehead :) and my prayer rule too is shredded. Such a bundle of encouragement I am :) Take heart, your MIL and your just plain trying are fasts and feats just in themselves and spring is coming.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

I'll pray for you! I love the line from St. John Kronstadt's prayer, "Bestow on me, O Lord, strength to endure the fatigue of the day and to bear my part in its events."