Friday, February 19, 2010


You know, the enormous amount of love and prayer you all shower on me makes me feel very humbled indeed.
Thank you all so very much for all your messages of support and prayers; they are all very much appreciated !

In answer to questions asked:-

The books listed were read over the last five weeks; I have got a few more to add as I had a marathon read-a-thon session in the bath last night which lasted so long the water went cold and DH was about to send out a search party :-)

I have also read a few things on my e-reader, namely LM Alcott's "Jo's Boys" (I love that book so much!) and some Harry Potter fanfic.

About The Dog ...... DH went down on Tuesday and reported that the dog seemed a bit more settled, but wouldn't let DH pat him. He told his mother that if the dog was too much for her, the dog would have to be rehomed. It didn't go down very well and she is adamant the dog is fine and wonderful and that she can cope.


Part of the problem is that only my DH and I have been told by her GP of M-I-L's illness; she hasn't been told and the rest of the family haven't been told. Perhaps now is the time. But that will need to be discussed again with the GP.

And of course she will refute the suggestion that she has a degenerative mental illness vehemently; so will some other family members, who are in complete denial of what is in front of their face........after all, doesn't *every* 70+ elderly lady decide on the spur of the moment to go and buy a large, powerful, highly demanding dog which they will still need to be walking and tending when they are 85?

My own mother has wanted another dog for several years, but has always said that she knows she is not well enough to care for even the most placid and sedate couch potato of a dog, so she contents herself with her elderly cat. But she doesn't have dementia, and has made a sensible and rational decision.............
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elizabeth said...

prayers. that is hard. talk to GP first for sure. but hope you can also not be the only ones bearing this burden.

We all need each other. Hugs.

Ian Climacus said...

Prayers indeed; a very hard situation. God bless, and with love from Oz.

Michelle M. said...

I can't imagine your frustration. Prayers!

s-p said...

May God give you and your DH wisdom and patience. There's a lot of us parenting our parents right now.