Friday, December 18, 2009

Laughing Out Loud

 Last night was particularly busy.

DD4 was reciting a poem in her school's Christmas Concert, and did it beautifully and clearly. When we came out of that concert, it was snowing, which had not been forecast for anywhere near our area. it was an utter delight !
I then had to rush to another venue, as it was DD3's first Christmas Concert in her comprehensive school. She is in the Junior Choir, and they performed two songs.

The snow had stopped when we came out of that second concert, but it had transformed our town into a magical wonderland.
It was only just getting light when I had to leave for work this morning, so I couldn't take photos, and bright sunshine but bitter cold today meant that the snow quickly froze into rather less photogenic ice.
And of course, it was nearly dark when I got home from work, so the snow was unrecorded in picture, but I assure you that it was lovely :-)
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