Thursday, December 24, 2009


My blog address has been hijacked !
I do not know whether to feel flattered that I pose such a threat as to require an allegedly "Bible believing organisation" to compete with me, or insulted.

To find out more about the site, which offers delights such as "infant baptism is specifically forbidden in the Bible, A Doom's Day Clock (sic) and Armageddon", type in my blog address but remove the "b" from "blogspot"

Interestingly, though the site insults Roman Catholicism as the


- it says nothing about us Orthodox at all, that I could find on a cursory glance at least. Perhaps that is a work in progress.....

The mind boggles.
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Meg said...

That's 'cause most folks don't know anything about us. On this side of the pond, those who do think of us as "Catholics without the Pope" (which is pretty much what we could say about them...) ;->

Moo! said...

Yeah, we're just lumped in with them. When we used to do the live call in talk show we'd get anti-RC ranters and no matter how we tried to explain it, they'd just keep going and going and going. Unless they are interested in finding out its a distinction not worth trying to explain. sigh.

Huw Richardson said...

It's not exactly a highjack. Type and you get the same website. I seem to remember that the same (or similar) folks have also picked up or some other equally easy typo. It's a standard trick.

They're not even aware you exist: no anti-Orthodox misunderstanding involved at all. Their servers will forward anything to their anti-Catholic main page.