Monday, December 21, 2009

Counting Down.....

.........the hours till I finish work for Christmas break.
DH always saves a chunk of his holidays for this time of year, so he actually finished work lunchtime last Wednesday :-)
I, however , am still working away till about 3.30 pm Tuesday. Barring disasters and if all goes well, that is....

Yesterday, we finally hauled the Christmas decorations from the attic and put up the tree. Said tree is only decorated on the top third, with a large chair pushed in front of it in an attempt to save it from the depredations of the Dog of Doom. None of my most treasured decorations can go on the tree in case DoD destroys them........ ho hum.

The rest of our winter wood supply came teatime yesterday, so DH and I spent a fun hour or so hauling all that into the safety of the garage and stacking it neatly. We should be warm in one room, at least, this winter !

We also visited Mum yesterday, doing some errands for her. I was also tasked with washing her hair, as she is afraid to go in the shower any more after her recent accident there. It was good to see her looking  so much brighter. The nasty infected wound on her leg has almost completely healed, thanks to the marvellous honey dressings the Specialist Nurse has been applying. Her arm is healing, but verrrryyyy slowly. It will be a long job, I fear.

When I took the dog out this morning, it was obvious even to me without my glasses on, that we have had some snow overnight which has partly frozen and partly thawed to make ice-cold slush. It was even more obvious to my feet, clad only in thin slippers......    !!!
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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

you sound in good spirits! blessings on this Holy Season!

Prayers for your Mother's healing.