Friday, December 18, 2009


It is forecast to go to -5 degrees C here tonight ...........(23 degrees F).
Even with the wood-burning stove on full blast, this end of the room is very cold.

And now the dog needs to go to the garden.
 I am wrapping up warm, complete with woolly hat, before I venture out there :-)
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Dave said...

We had the heat on all night last night and I'm sure we'll have to keep it on again.

Our dogs don't like to go out in the cold. I have to throw them out every once in a while to avoid those unpleasant little puddles in the kitchen.

Mimi said...

We had a cold snap last week. Brrrrrrr.


margaret said...

The olive oil in my kitchen has solidified.

I am grateful the cats have a tray.

margaret said...

*waves @ Dave* I used to read DDD before it went private, it is nice to see you're still around.

elizabeth said...

The glass on one of my windows has fogged into a pretty crystal design... and today when I used the dryer for towels in the laundry room, after it was done cold air was blowing into it. BRRR indeed.

Dave said...

waves @ Margaret,

My Daily Diversions didn't go private. Rather, they ceased to exist under that name. The URL has a private block on it only because I haven't deleted the archives.

I now blog (though sadly not very regularly) at Now that I have the URL at which you are currently blogging, I have bookmarked it.