Thursday, December 31, 2009

Books Read 2

This book about some of Wales' most significant places of worship was underwhelming. 
To be told in the Introduction that Wales was a Roman Catholic country for a Millenium I found appalling. Wales was part of the Undivided Church until the Schism. It was not Roman Catholic for the whole period from Christianisation until the Protestant Reformation.
For hundreds of years the Celtic Church held sway and it was not until the Synod of Whitby that Roman Uses predominated throughout Britain.
So on several counts, we have bad scholarship and slipshod editing. Who on earth let such blunders into a published book ?

Some of the Churches selected were indeed interesting, many were pedestrian or of little historical / religious importance, but there were very many, equally deserving of mention, which were overlooked, to my dismay.

Although I am currently doing my job part-time, I may be applying formally for the full -time hours and will therefore be needing both these two books, for CV writing and interview techniques !

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