Friday, December 18, 2009

Apologies those kind souls who send me physical greetings cards.

I have been so disorganised this year that  I am not likely to be able to get cards posted. Be assured, though, that every single one of you is in my prayers.

I don't finish work till 4pm on Tuesday and have a myriad of other committments as well this weekend. Not to mention the ironing..................................... Gulp.

 I still have most of my Christmas gifts yet to purchase........DH has done sterling work, but there are things that only I can do :-)
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s-p said...

No presents yet? I tell my wife and kids "That's why Circle K is open 24/7/365". :)

Michelle M. said...

My photo cards still havent arrived in the mail. I think our family card will end up being a New Year's card.

Would you drop me an email with your address? I'd love to send you one.