Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weather Woes

The weather remains truly dreadful.
High winds and torrential rain woke me in the night, and I could not get back to sleep, which was annoying. And then I overslept. The drive still cannot be concreted until the weather settles considerably.

It has been one of those days.

I have achieved fourof the tasks on my daily list, but not my NaNoWriMo target. I have only managed 500 words today instead of the 1700 minimum I try to adhere to. But, DD3 asked for pancakes for tea, so pancakes it was.
As I only have one pan, it does take rather a long time, but it was well worth it to have her follow me into the kitchen and we had undisturbed chatting time so she could tell me about her day whilst DD4 was happily occupied playing a game.

NaNoWriMo can wait, and I have done 45,000 words anyway, with 12 days still to go  :-)
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elizabeth said...

sounds like a lovely time while making pancakes!

good job with the writing!! woohoo!!!

Steve Robinson said...

Rain? What's that? We've had torrential sunshine for way too long. I'd LOVE to hear some rain.