Saturday, November 21, 2009


DD4 is poorly. She has a raging temperature, sore throat, sniffles, tummy ache. There have been several cases of Swine Flu in her school recently.
Does she have it? I don't think so, but cannot be certain.

One of DoomHamster's bridesmaids definitely does have it.

Oh joy.

Hopefully they will both be fully recovered and non-infectious by the end of the week, as the wedding is on Saturday 28th ....... and the bride and groom are off to Prague on honeymoon on 30th.

I shall go and scream quietly in the corner now.
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margaret said...

Oh dear. I will pray for non-infectious by the end of the week.

Athanasia said...

Screaming with you...though not quietly in a corner!!

Hang in there!!

All will be well!

Laura said...

I'm so sorry...praying that everyone feels better soon..