Friday, November 27, 2009

Scream 3

Edited to actually make some sense, LOL

I went shopping yesterday morning in an attempt to find suitable nice new dresses for DD 3&4. The problem is that nearly all the shops now are only stocking their " make children look like drunken hookers  clothes" , um ....   tacky Christmas outfits, the euphemistically  named   "partywear".

I managed to get two pretty dresses, one for DD4 which I knew would fit her well, and one for DD3 about which I was doubtful but it only cost £2.75 (seriously reduced on the sale rail!) and DD4 can always grow into it :-)
I then went to another shop and saw two  more dresses in the sale. These were slightly tackier, but man, I was desperate and running out of options, after all ........ and I can always take them back and get refunds as they haven't been worn..

When DD3 came home from school, neither of the dresses I bought for her would fit. Oh dear.
So we went to Plan B, involving a frantic trip to The Big City where Thursday is late night shopping.

So far so good.

We went to no fewer than 10 clothes shops and found nothing suitable. Absolutely nothing at all. Mercifully, at Shop 11, visited in desperation in the last ten minutes before we had to leave the shopping centres to head back to the bus station, we hit jackpot ! My new favourite shop is H&M :-)

I must single out Sales Assistants from Next and H&M who were incredibly helpful on the quest for DD3's new frock.

DD3 and I were delighted with her new frock and little shrug to match, so all we have to do today is find a pair of shoes to match. We got home at 9.45pm, utterly exhausted and bitterly cold, but we had the dress !

DH is at the dry-cleaner's right now to pick up my outfit, and I need to go to the florist to pick up our flower buttonholes at 5pm.

As far as we can be ready, we are ready.

The urge to scream is receding slightly......
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Laura said...

Clothes for little girls are very frustrating today!! I'm glad you're feeling a bit more prepared...

DebD said...

I agree with Laura, it is very hard to find appropriate dress clothes for girls.

I remember those last few days before my daughter's wedding. Prayers for you.

elizabeth said...

My prayers too. I hear you with the clothes issue. I am constantly amazed at what people think appopriate dress is...

Meg said...

I was going to ask how all goes with the wedding preparations -- has everyone recovered from the flu, etc. -- but not to be able to find a dress on the very eve of the wedding is worthy not just of a scream, but of a full-fledged meltdown!!! Suggest you have yourself a nice nervous breakdown come Sunday -- you've earned it!