Monday, November 09, 2009

Nano'd Out

I am plumb tuckered out.

Nano is going swimmingly well, I am up to 22,013 words as of this morning.
But I am so tired !  I wake in the night with odd plot thoughts, and then run through possible scenarios. I find myself not day-dreaming, exactly, but the characters are almost becoming alive in a bizarre way.

 I'm not sure whether I am projecting some wishful thinking self-projection fantasy onto these characters, or what, but I am really quite enjoying the story I am writing. It is completely barking mad, of course,  with plot holes through which you could drive a ten ton truck, but that's an editing problem, not a writing problem :-) It is not too labour-intensive; my average 2000 words takes about two hours because my typing skills are poor (cough ) non-existent but the buiness of plotting seems to seep and permeate all my thought processes throughout the day.

Needless to say, DH has worked wonders and I am now happily sitting at the big computer with a big keyboard, happily tootling around with my beloved Windoze XP. As an added bonus, he has installed the bundled Word 2007/Office Suite onto the machine for my delectation.

We have the builders in at present, working hard, so my writing is punctuated by loud budgie squawks and banging and clattering from outside. I have donations to send off to charity from various folk in memory of my brother this afternoon, so I must reluctantly close my Nano window and re-enter the real world :-)

I know I need to stop fiction writing when I find myself complaining under my breath that Blogger doesn't have an inbuilt word count facility.... !!!
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elizabeth said...

I hear you... hard to balance all things...

good to stay in the real world, to be remembering God...

hard to do but God has His merciful care for us...

Michelle M. said...

I am impressed that you are able to write that much with everything you have going on.

Are you going to share your writing with us when it is complete?