Friday, November 06, 2009


Up to 14,500 NaNo words as of last night.

But I can't type for long periods on my webbook as the keyboard is so tiny.  I have not managed a single word today, due to lack of computer access.

And I am getting twitchy. I have really, really enjoyed my writing time each day, and am missing it lots.

I hope we get a partially functioning machine back by tonight. Just enough to be able to use a word-processsing program with a full sized keyboard..........
DH is putting in sterling work on the recalcitrant machine.

He needs a medal !
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Meg said...

But I'm sure he'd be happy to settle for a big hug and a heartfelt kiss!

My count is around 13,000 *original* words -- turns out I had about 15,000 words of pre-written material. But from now on it will all be original.

Laura said...

Congratulations on the writing!!