Monday, November 09, 2009

Last NaNo for today.....

... I promise !

 Up to 23,050 words now. If all goes well, tomorrow should see me break the half-way point.
I have decided my hero will survive his attack by would-be kidnappers. I don't fancy writing anything too sad at the moment.

I am only checking for updates about Stellan on MckMama's Twitter feeds. He is having surgery as I type. Lord have mercy.

I am off now to pray  two Kathismata from the Psalter, then phone my mother, and then chill out with the young ones. I did all the errands that needed to be done today, and the builders are progressing steadily with their work. All looking good !
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elizabeth said...

Nice! Hope this day ends with God's peace and blessings!

Thank you also for your prayers.

Meg said...

WHOA! We are neck and neck -- good for you!

About Word 2007 -- watch the hyphenations. I never knew it was possible to hyphenate "Christ" till I worked with Word 2007. =:0